Bio station the company was founded in 2014 in order to bring something new to the town of Preveza, providing exclusively biologically highly nutritious products to consumers.
The constantly evolving environment and the consumer need for easier access to the store, even without their physical presence, was the motivation for the creation of this store>
Our goal is to quickly and easily search for products is achieved through the detailed description and categorization.

They say that the economic crisis generates opportunities and ideas and this is not far from reality.

Within a full context of insecurity, we organize our thoughts, we calculated all the parameters and giving emphasis on diet and consequently on health, we proceeded to the creation of bio station business..

In a modern neoclassical building in Preveza, housed our dream. The experienced and professional staff of our shop is at your disposal for any clarification or query regarding our products..

We go step by step. Aim, design, implement..

It started in 2014 with the launch of our physical store
The sequel coming in 2016 with the launch of our online store.

We aim at five depth, to create its own production units, processing and packaging of organic products in order to contribute to reducing unemployment which have led to the crisis in the Greek economy and family

We want to try for a better world by informing consumers on how to do this.

At any time, any human activity has an impact on many huge social and environmental issues. We understand our personal responsibility for the progress of human society and the planet.

We strive for a society which, having an active role, consistently ensures the prosperity and sustainability of planiti.Sevomaste consumers and strive to constantly monitor and improve the quality assurance systems of our food.
Our goal is a coordinated and substantial information of buyers for the benefits of our products use compared to conventional products, the improvement of living standards and health through proper selection of food products and the growing environmental awareness on the right selecting cleaning products.