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Essential Oils and Wellness. Meet their unique qualities

Essential Oils and Wellness . Meet their unique qualities

Essential Oils and Wellness. Meet their unique qualities

What are essential oils and where they come from.

Every living organism has a life force or energy that is impossible
to isolate or see. The vital energy of a plant is included in the
essential oil of it. Essential oils are actually the plant hormones
and, like human hormones affect our body systems, so the plant
hormones are able to give us great results.

Essential Oils and Wellness. Meet their unique qualities 2

Essential oils properties

Anise: creates an optimistic mood, dispels fear, stimulates the body,
infuses confidence, strengthens the stomach, skin conditioning,
expextorant, prevents bloating, promotes understanding and adaptability.

Bay: antiseptic, disinfecting, tranquilizes and strengthens nerves,
promotes hair growth, toning, astringent.

Basil: relaxing, promotes digestion, spasmolytic, sleep inducing,
skin cleansing, strengthens nerves, body toning, mentally stimulating.

Essential Oil Basil 10ml Styx

Bergamot: stimulating or calming depending on your state of mind,
antidepressant, mood lifting, digestive, skin conditioner, spasmolytic,
astringent, deodorizing, main component for “Eau de Cologne“, also found
in black tea.

Essential oil Bergamot 10ml Styx

Cajeput: astringent, sedative, supports decision making, improves
concentration, mind balancing, fights colds, coughs and runny noses.

Cedarwood: calming, centering, antidepressant, dispels fear, gently
eroticizing, grounding, skin conditioning.

Chamomile blue: calming, relaxing, dispels fear, sensitizing, toning,
vasoconstricting, spasmolytic, antidepressant, reduces stress, digestive,
sleep inducing, skin conditioning.

Essential Oil Chamomille Blue 1ml Styx

Cinnamon: stimulating, warming, heart and nerve strengthening, astringent,
eroticizing, stimulates circulation, very robust.

Citronella: antiseptic, astringent, skin cleansing, spasmolytic, raises
pulse rate, refreshes and clears up your mind, java oil has a more delicate

Citrus: The Lime essential oil used in aromatherapy as a tonic refreshing,
antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericide, immune system Enhancer and for
addressing depression, apathy, fatigue, oily skin and acne.

Essential oil Citrus lime 10ml Styx

Clove: stimulates and strengthens body and mind, heightens concentration,
spasmolytic, pain relieving, air disinfectant.

Coriander: stimulates body and mind, appetite stimulant, digestive, toning,
spasmolytic, warming, eroticising.

Cypress: nerve balancing, centering, oestrogen-like, astringent, skin

Dwarf Pine: toning, stimulates your mind, enhances breathing, air purifyer,

Eucalyptus: air purifying, generally stimulating, oestrogenlike, improves
concentration, mucolytic, stimulates breathing.

Essential oil Eucalyptus 10ml Styx

Fennel: relaxing, digestive, spasmolytic, detoxifying, appetite stimulant,

Fir Cone: stimulates blood circulation, antiseptisch, activates circulation,
air purifyer.

Frankincense: calming, centering, grounding, mind expanding, sleep inducing,
astringent, skin conditioning, subtly eroticizing.

Essential Oil Frankincene 10ml Styx

Geranium: nerve strengthening, mind balancing, dispels fear, reduces stress,
oestrogen-like, toning, diuretic, tissue lifting, astringent, skin conditioning
and healing.

Essential Oil Geranium 10ml Styx

Grapefruit: physically stimulating and skin lifting, antiseptic, stimulates blood
circulation, skin cleansing, euphoriant, regulates your mind.

Essential Οil Grapefruit 10ml Styx

Ginger: slightly pungent, stimulates body and mind, warming, strengthening,
spasmolytic, eroticising, appetite stimulant.

Essential oil Ginger 10ml Styx

Jasmin: antidepressant, mood lifting, eroticising, calming, spasmolytic, improves
concentration, skin conditioning.

Essential Oil Jasmine 10ml Styx

Juniper: generally toning and robusting, mentally stimulating, nerve strengthening,
astringent, skin cleansing, detoxifying, eroticizing.

Lavender: calming relaxing, nerve strengthening, dispels fear, digestive, spasmolytic,
sleep inducing, cardiotonic, analgesic, skin conditioning, cell renewing, deodorizing.

Essential Oil Lavender 10ml Styx

Lemon: heart and nerve strengthening, detoxifying, hypotensive, stimulates circulation,
astringent, skin clarifyer, heightens concentration, air disinfectant, refreshing.

Essential oil Lemon 10ml Styx

Lemongrass: stimulates body and mind, heightens concentration, alleviates pain,
deodorizing, tissue lifting, air purifyer, refreshing.

Essential oil Lemongrass 10ml Styx

Lime: antidepressant, stimulates your mind, mood lifting, digestive, skin toning,

Majoram: calming, nerve strengthening, spasmolytic, reduces stress, sleep inducing,
digestive, warming, hypotensive, toning.

Melissa: toning, antidepressant, nerve strengthening, cardiotonic, hypotensive.

Myrrh: sedative, earhing, relaxing, dispels fear, astringent, skin conditioning.
Myrtle: strengthening, stimulates the mind, clarifying, centering, heightens concentration,
dispels fear, reduces adrenalin, skin cleansing, skin toning, astringent, deodorizing,
air purifyer.

Neroli: calming, relaxing, dispels fear, antidepressant, cardiotonic, spasmolytic, gently

Essential Oil Neroli 10ml Styx

Niaouli: stimulates tissue, pain relieving, antiseptic, skin cleansing, cell regenerating.

Nutmeg: stimulates body and mind, calming, eroticising, digestive, warming.

Orange: calming, mood lifting, antidepressant, spasmolytic, dispels fear, skin conditioning,

Essential Oil Orange 10ml Styx

Orange bitter: antidepressant, mood lifting, spasmolytic, appetite stimulant, tissue
strengthening, nerve strengthening.

Oregano: stomach tonic, toning, stimulates blood circulation, appetite stimulant, raises
adrenalin level, body tonic, grounding.

Palmarosa: stimulates the body, antiseptic, skin conditioning, moisturizing, stimulates the
mind, enticingly stimulating, confidence building.

Patchouli: calming, eroticising, toning, skin conditioning, grounding, centering.

Petitgrain: gently calming, nerve strengthening, skin conditioning.

Pepper black: stimulates blood circulation, warming, spasmolytic, builds up energy, sexually
stimulating, relaxing.

Peppermint: stimulates the mind, heightens concentration, toning, pain relieving, digestive,
detoxifying, skin clarifyer, very refreshing.

Essential oil Peppermint 10ml Styx

Pine Needle: stimulates breathing, stimulates body and mind, air purifyer.

Rose: relaxing, calming, antidepressant, cardiotonic, opens the heart, spurs creativity, mood
lifting, dispels fear, eroticising, skin conditioning.

Rosemary: stimulates body and mind, nerve strengthening, warming, tissue strengthening,
cardiotonic, astringent, diuretic, raises blood pressure.

Essential Οil Rosemary 10ml Styx

Rosewood: harmonising, spasmolytic, calming, sleep inducing, skin calming, skin conditioning,
antidepressant, dispels fear, builds up energy.

Sage: generally stimulating, strengthening, spasmolytic, oestrogen-like, purging, raises blood
pressure, astringent.

Essential Oil Sage 10ml Styx

Sandalwood: relaxing, calming, sleep inducing, dispels fear, centering, antidepressant,
eroticizing, skin conditioning.

Essential Oil Sandalwood 1ml Styx

Spruce Needle: physically toning, deodorizing, stimulates breathing, stimulates blood circulation,
air purifyer.

Tangerine: vitalising, blood cleansing, refreshing, skin clarifyer, spirit lifting, mind balancing,
mentally refreshing.

Essential Oil Tangerine 10ml Styx

Tee Trea: germicide, fungicide, strengthens the immune system, astringent, for irritations and
redness, skin clarifyer and cleanser.

Essential Oil Tea Tree 10ml Styx

Thyme: mentally and physically stimulating, nerve strengthening, boosts concentration, raises blood
pressure, strengthens the immune system, skin clarifyer, detoxifying.

Essential Oil Thyme 10ml Styx

Verbena: boosts concentration, lightly euphoriant, cardiotonic, calming, antidepressant, boosts

Essential Oil Verbena 1ml Styx

Vetiver: calming, relaxing, grounding, centering, harmonizing, nerve strengthening, oestrogen-like,
eroticising, reduces stress, skin conditioning.

Ylang Ylang: reduces adrenalin, heart calming, calms breathing, dispels fear, antidepressant,
reduces stress, hypotensive, eroticizing, skin conditioning.

Essential Oil Ylang-Ylang 10ml Styx

Yssop: regulates blood pressure, generally strengthening, regenerating,
nerve strengthening,mentally stimulating, spurs creativity,
appetite stimulant.

Essential Oil Ysop 10ml Styx


Essential Oils and Wellness. Meet their unique qualities 3
How to use the essential oils

By inhaling, the essential oils penetrate the body and affect various organs. Place in a bowl with warm
water a few drops of essential oil of our choice and inhale.

Facial or body massage:
Massage using a base oil of which add 4-7 drops of the maximum of the essential oils we desire. For
facial oil add 1-3 drops in 5ml base oil for body oils 2-6 drops in 5ml and therapeutic oil 5-9 drops in
5ml. For children put half the dose. We rub with 1-2 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of base oil (almond oil,
wheat germ) in sensitive areas such as feet, neck, forehead, abdomen, chest. So we are dealing with a
compress, dipping a piece of cotton or cloth in water where we add 2-3 drops of essential oil for about
15 minutes.

A few drops of essential oils in the bath, give us the results we want, if we remain in the water about
20 minutes.

Dilute 6 drops to rinse from the essential oil of choice. Very suitable are rosemary, cedar and thyme for
hair loss.

Room perfuming:
Use the aroma of your choice in a burner. Dilute 3-5 drops of essential oil of choice in the water.

How to use essential oils with safety

Its better to Consult a qualified aromatherapist for the use of essential oils.
• Read the instructions. Please take the time to carefully read the instructions that come with the blend.
It shouldn’t be used without a carrier oil, and will need to be diluted before use. Pure essential oils are
very strong and rather harsh on the skin , so make sure that you do not accidentally use them directly on
your skin.
You can’t use essential oils before sunbathing.

• Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma, epilepsy, or with other
health conditions.

• Test for allergies. Before you use the blend on your whole body, test to see if you are allergic to the
oil. Apply a small bit of oil on your skin, and wait 24 hours to see if any allergies develop. If nothing
happens, then feel free to use the blend.

• Use less, not more. Don’t apply too much oil, as this may have an adverse effect; just use as much as is
necessary, or instructed. If you can make do with one drop, don’t use two.

• Keep away from children. Think of pre-blends (and indeed, all oils) as medicines that children should not
be allowed access to. Aromatherapy oils should not be consumed internally, and this is especially true for
blends, as a lot of other ingredients also go into them.

• Essential oils are flammable. Keep them out of the way of fire hazards

• Only for external use.


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