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Organic Rosewater 200ml Dioscurides


Brand: Dioscurides

Organic product

Weight: 200ml

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Organic Rosewater 200ml Dioscurides

Brand: Dioscurides

Organic product

100% natural organic Greek rosewater. Aromatize great sweets,
ice cream, pasta and drinks. Used as lotion, cleans, moisturizes,
soothes, rejuvenates and tones the skin. Also aromatize places,
clothes and closets.

The rose water is the oldest cosmetic product and is produced by
steam distillation from fresh rose petals. Known through the world
for its beneficial properties to the skin.

-Maintains the natural ph balance, provides deep hydration, while
it is beneficial for all skin types, from the very dry up to the
oily with acne problems.

– Facial cleanser, combined with olive oil or almond oil.
Thanks to antiseptic and antibacterial effect helps resources to
open up and cleans the skin in depth. At the same time helps dry
skin as it is highly moisturizing and refreshing. Spread a small
amount on a cotton ball along with a little oil to clean our face.

– Toning and firming facial and neck. Prevents wrinkles and keeps
skin youthful.

– Acne treatment and irritated skin.

– Nourishing and hydrating facial not only but also of the body
and hair.

– Can help those who have broken cuticles capillaries and they are
not allowed to use very possible formulations.

– Relieves stress, fatigue and headache. We put a little rose water
in our hands and do light massage in the front and on the temples.

– Cools your face from the Sun’s radiation, dust and from sweat.
Apply on the skin with a cotton ball.

– Use aftershave to soothe the skin leaving the delicious aroma in
our face.

– Stimulates the tissues of the skin, massaging in the calves and
in our arms.

– We can use it as a moisturizer after bathing.

– For relaxing before bedtime.

-Used as a mask for the hair and adds shine and elasticity.
Suitable for the treatment of broken limbs of hair.

– Prevents from burns.

– With rosewater treated tired eyes and blacks circles:
In two round cotton pour a little rosewater and leave for a few
minutes under the eye area in order to relieves and show more rested.
Weight: 200ml

Ingredients: rosewater*

*Organic agriculture

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