Organic Black Raisins 200 gr Bioagros | Βιοσταθμός – Ταξίδι σωστής διατροφής
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Organic Black Raisins 200 gr Bioagros


Brand: Bioagros

Organic product

Weight: 200gr

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Organic Black Raisins 200 gr Bioagros

Brand: Bioagros

Organic product

Organic raisins dried in the Sun. Is an excellent source of potassium
and fiber. Also the black raisins contain fructose and glucose in
concentrated, dehydrated form and give instant energy and stimulation.
It is rich in iron, ordinary carbohydrates, calories and vitamin C
(100gr contain C 300mg).
Black raisins may help with problems such as:

CONSTIPATION: Because of its fiber absorb water giving volume in stools
and easy then miscarriage.

WEIGHT INCREASE: due to fructose and glucose containing give easy
absorbed calories in the form of simple sugars without cholesterol.
Selenium, phosphorus and vitamin C help along with other minerals and
vitamins in exploitation and assimilation of protein in the human body.

TOXEMIA: also known as blood poisoning when the PH is acidic condition.
This is the main source of all health problems today. The black raisins
thanks to magnesium and potassium containing (2 alkaline minerals)
helps to bring the acid-base balance.

ANEMIA: due to its high iron content.

FEVER: Contains phenols, phytonutrients with antibiotic, antioxidant and
antibacterial properties.

SEXUAL problems: Contains arginine, an amino acid that elevates libido.

OSTEOPOROSIS: while not much calcium contains however contains boron, a
metal useful in bone formation and absorption of calcium.

EYE CARE: thanks to phenols, in vitamin a and other antioxidants.

TEETH HEALTH: thanks to its unique acid containing offers protection
against dental plaque, caries and streptococcus. The more time staying
on teeth raisins so the best for enamel.

OTHER BENEFITS: because of the katechins, an antioxidant phenol containing
raisins, offer protection against colon cancer.

Weight: 200gr

Ingredients: 100% black raisins
*Organic agriculture

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