Organic Allspice Ground 35gr Sonnentor | Βιοσταθμός – Ταξίδι σωστής διατροφής
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Organic Allspice Ground 35gr Sonnentor


Brand: Sonnentor

Organic product
Weight: 35gr

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Organic Allspice Ground 35gr Sonnentor

Brand: Sonnentor

Organic product

Organic allspice with strong perfume similar to cloves, with a
touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and slightly spicy. Ideal
spice for meat and fish, cooked food and sweets. It is also used in
sauces, marinades, vegetables, and fruit salads.

During the centuries no other food product was not as much importance
as the spices and herbs, which can easily turn a simple dish into a
gourmet delight. Herbs and spices are precious and irreplaceable
helpers in kitchen, so in particular is wary of Sonnentor with them.

Basic principle of Sonnentor is that nature has the best recipes
for a beautiful life. Still believe that organic farming is
the only correct and feasible way to an era of monoculture and
of overproduction and work with great responsibility towards
rhythms of nature. The conscientiousness and respect for nature and
the man is the greatest aspiration of the Sonnentor.

Weight: 35gr

Ingredients: Allspice* Ground

*Organic agriculture

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