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Organic Agave Dark Syrup 360gr Naturgreen


Brand: Naturgreen

Organic product

Weight: 360gr


Organic Agave Dark Syrup 360gr Naturgreen

Brand: Naturgreen

Organic product

Healthy alternative to sugar. Produced from Agave plants.
It has a low glycemic index (GI) its suitable for diabetics,
for vegetarians and for those who are lactose intolerant.

The blue Agave (Agave Tequiliana) is a cactus plant,
It only grows in the deserts of Mexico. Is the plant from which
generated and the well-known Mexican Tequila. The syrup
extracted from the leaves of the plant, after special treatment
which does not exceed at any stage of processing them 45 degrees
Celsius, so it is lively and beneficial, with all the nutritional
the data intact.

The taste of the nectar that is reminiscent of something out of
honey and caramel and is now considered the world’s best sweetener

-The blue Agave syrup is considered to be sweeter in 1.5 time of the
honey and refined sugar. For this reason used as a healthy
substitute sweetener, where the recipes require.

-The blue Agave Nectar has a great taste. The neutral sweet taste
are discreet and do not affect, nor override other
flavors in various recipes. It is therefore a favourite product in
gourmet recipes luxury restaurants in America and in England.

-Has a low glycemic index (GL 30) and is particularly useful
in diabetic patients diets.

-Contains inulin (prebiotic fiber), which helps good bowel function,
but also to preserve or restore the healthy intestinal flora.
Inulin also helps to better uptake of calcium by the body,
strengthening of the immune system and the Peristaltic movement of
the pachews bowel (defecation).

-Reduces desire for high glycemic index foods (sugar,  sweets,
ice cream, Cola, soft drinks, honey), because it offers a feeling of
satisfaction and saturation for a longer period of time, without
unwanted changes of blood sugar.

-Contains a satisfactory amount of calcium (170mg to 1 tbl.
soup), as well as iron, magnesium and potassium.

Weight: 360gr

Ingredients: Agave Dark*

*Organic agriculture

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