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Essential Oils and Wellness . Meet their unique qualities
Essential Oils and Wellness. Meet their unique qualities
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Coconut Oil. Meet it’s magical properties

Λάδι Καρύδας. Γνωρίστε τις μαγικές ιδιότητές τουCoconut Oil. Meet it’s magical properties

Coconut oil is a popular and fairly nutritious oil that derived
from the flesh of ripe coconuts. The coconut is the main food
source for centuries to those living in the tropics, but its use
in industry and Cosmetology, has established as a pretty viable

The coconut is quite beneficial for health in many areas and this
happens because of nutritional fiber. Although these the oil we get
from this is an excellent food source used in pharmacology.

Coconut oil (Coconut Oil) can be used for:

1. Massage Oil
Coconut oil relieves tired and aching muscles. Add a few drops of
essential oils for best results.

2. Athlete’s foot
Strong anti-fungal properties of coconut oil makes it ideal for
any fungal infection. Add a few drops of oregano or tea tree oil
for stronger antifungal potency.

3. Acne
Coconut oil fights mildly bacteria that cause Acne. Apply directly
to the problematic pimples and watch them shrink.

4. Cleaner
Coconut oil is an effective and gentle cleanser to remove the dirt
of the day.

5. Head lice
Coconut oil combats and removes this annoying problem.

6. Stretch marks
Prevent and soothe stretch marks from pregnancy with coconut oil
for soft and flexible leather.

7. Warts and moles
Rub the oil in the area and cover with a bandage. Rub with fresh
oil and put a new bandage every day.

8. Moisturizing
Coconut oil is an excellent way to soften and to Soak the dry,
rough or damaged skin.

9. facial Scrub
Mix coconut oil with baking soda, sugar, or cinnamon and jelly
oat for the perfect facial scrub.

10. Dandruff
Massage with coconut oil to the scalp to reduce symptoms of
dandruff, itching and flaking.

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11. Reduction of appetite
Take a teaspoon before meals to reduce the appetite, so not to eat

12. Wrinkles
Rub lines, folds and wrinkles to moisturise the skin and soften

13. Sore throat
Dissolve a tablespoon into your mouth and let it roll slowly into
the throat. This will overwrite and will protect the neck, will
strengthen the health of mucous membranes and will fight off any

14. Lichen
Grate the coconut oil to the affected area to kill the fungus that
causes unsightly lichen. Add tea tree oil to clean the infection
even more quickly.

15. lip Softener
Coconut oil moisturizes and protects lips. It even provides some
protection from the Sun, about a SPF 4.

16. Cold Sores
Coconut oil has antiviral properties that will help your body rid
itself the virus that causes Herpes coping. Scrub when needed and
add a drop of oregano oil to speed healing.

17. Lubricant
Coconut oil is a completely natural personal lubricant on the
special moments, without chemicals.

18. glue Removal
Coconut oil removes the sticky substance from the hair, carpet and
anywhere elsewhere there is.

19. Pet health
The coconut oil can do a variety of things for pets, both locally
and internally. Improves breathing, making a shiny coat, facilitate
joint problems, cleans the ears eliminates fleas and many more.

20. Orzo in the eye
Rub a small amount of coconut oil in pasta or around the eyes to
get rid of these painful and annoying infections quickly.

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21. Earaches
The earaches, the disease is “swimmer’s ear” and the ear infections
are eliminated quickly with a few drops of coconut oil mixed with
garlic oil.

22. Cradle cap (smigmatorroiki dermatitis)
Coconut oil is gentle and safe for babies and relieves the itching,
pain, redness and peeling associated with Cradle Cap.

23. Diaper rash
The coconut oil can help treat mild diaper rash gently and efficiently.

24. Bruises
Grate the coconut into the bruised skin to speed healing and will
see the bruises can fade quickly.

25. Age spots
Coconut oil has beneficial effects for each skin blemish. Use to
help fade the spots of aging with potent antioxidants.

26. Shaving cream
Coconut oil make the razor to glide gently leaving the skin smooth
and soft.

27. After shaving (After Shave)
You don’t want nasty pimples and rashes after shaving? Coconut oil
soothe sensitive skin

28. Toothpaste
Mix 1 part coconut oil with 1 part baking soda and add a few drops
of peppermint oil. This is a refreshing, natural toothpaste that
whitens and cleanses without adding preservatives, fluoride,
sweeteners or other chemicals.

29. Chicken pox
Relieve the itching and promote healing with drops of coconut oil.
Act also for poisonous Ivy, poison oak, mosquito bites and other
insects stings or bites.

30. Fungal Infections
Coconut oil fights these infections by fungi inside and outside.

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31. Removing makeup
Coconut oil removes makeup based on oils easily, like mascara.
Cleans, moisturizes and makes the skin shining.

32. Hair Conditioner
Coconut oil softens, strengthens and repairs damage to the hair.
Massage with it and wash it off after ten minutes. A small amount
can be rubbed to dry hair to tame the Frizz.

33. Furniture Polish
Coconut oil provides a protective shine to wood furniture. Just
be sure to test in a small area.

34. Energy
Coconut oil and the Middle chain triglykeridia make it an excellent
resource energy to improve vitality, endurance or simply to boost
during throughout the day.

35. Deodorant
Mix coconut oil with cornstarch, baking soda and your favorite
essential oils a natural deodorant that smells fantastic.

36. Eye Cream
Reduce puffiness and dark circles with a few drops of coconut oil.

37. Eczema
Coconut oil reduces itching, pain, flaking and dryness of eczema,
psoriasis and dermatitis.

38. Sunburn
The coconut oil can help prevent sunburn from brief exposure to
Sun. When flare, accelerate healing and comfort and pain. Wait
until all the heat before applying different will keep all the heat
in the skin. Wait 24 to 72 hours depending on the extent of the burn.

39. Hemorrhoids
Coconut oil relieves the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids and
promotes physical treating both internally and externally.

40. Bleeding from nose
Rub a little coconut oil in the nostrils to combat dry cracks which
can result in bleeding from the nose and pain.

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41. Ulcerative carcinomas
Moisten with coconut oil the ulcerative carcinomas to eliminate the
infection and to speed up healing. Coconut oil is also a much more
delicious way to treat carcinomas than most other methods.

42. Toothaches
Coconut oil relieves pain and strengthens the teeth. You can mix it
with a drop of clove oil to relieve the pain almost immediately.

43. Gastroesophageal Reflux
Take a small spoonful with meals to avoid acid reflux and heartburn.

44. Oyropoiitiki Street
Treat urinary tract infections with a spoonful of coconut oil. This
can facilitate even and the painful passage of kidney stones.

45. Lactation
Coconut oil acts extremely for restoration of dry, chapped skin,
including nipples from breastfeeding.

46. Alzheimer’s
Some researches suggest the coconut oil as a way to slow the
progression or for the prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

47. Bones
Coconut oil helps the body to absorb calcium and magnesium. And the
both metals are important for strong bones and teeth.

48. Epilepsy
The coconut oil can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures.

49. Fitness
Coconut oil boosts energy and metabolism, improves the functioning
of the thyroid and helps the healthy weight loss. Is the perfect
addition to any workout or diet.

50. Cooking
Coconut oil does not create any harmful by-products when warmed up
like most other oils and animal fats. Use it to replace the butter
in equal quantity in recipes. Saute, cooking, Grill, grilling, bake
in casserole and other using coconut oil as a healthier alternative.


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